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Subj: Lancer Park site
Date: Friday, April 5, 2002 8:41:50 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Roberta

Thanks for the great site. It's very impressive! We moved here 2 and half years ago, and love it.

I love all the links you've posted. I found one broken one tonight: the census ones don't work.

Thanks again for doing this.

Dear Roberta,

Thanks! We love it here, too, and we've been here for 10 years. Thank you for alerting me to the broken census link. I'll fix it up as soon as I find the correct link. Thanks!

My two cents

Subj: Website Comments
Date: Tuesday, 26 Feb 2002, 10:24:30 AM, Eastern Standard Time
From: Steve Kildoo

To whomever I should compliment,
What an awesome website for our small community. The City of San Marcos should take notes. Covers all the bases and looks good too. My compliments.

As chairman of the San Marcos Traffic & Safety Commission, I get some insight and information about some of the traffic issues in San Marcos, and I would be glad to share them on a monthly basis for our residents if you would like. Just let me know.
Again, my compliments,

Thanks for the kind words. And thank you for the offer of traffic and safety information. My suggestion is that you create a website, so you can update it whenever you like. Then we can create a link to your information. If you don't know how to start a website, send me a note and I'll show you how you can do it at no cost.

My two cents

Subj: First or last house built [See History]
Date: Tuesday, 26 Feb 2002, 12:46:27 AM, Eastern Standard Time
From: Otto

Hi, I am Otto, I reside on 942 Lacebark. My house was the model house for Lancer Park. I cannot remember if it was the first or last....but I know it was one of the two.

PS: Is there a contest for how many cars have rolled into your house or yard? Ha Ha...

Cool website........

Figure out if it was the first or last, and you win a prize! No contest on cars in the yard -- Ha Ha...

My two cents

Subj: A little pick me up
Date: Tuesday, 26 Feb 2002, 2:34:01 AM, Eastern Standard Time
From: Otto

Lancerpark residents:

I would like to thank all of the people in Lancer Park for all of the nice things said about my yard. The little comments that you say go to the heart. We purchased our house on Lacebark after the death of my best friend and father-in-law. His name was Roy E. Mackenzie. (Second owner 1976-1998)

I would often tease him about ripping up the yard and taking out the olive tree that used to be in the front yard. He and I sat down and made plans on paper and the cost was pretty high. He said it looked good on paper but maybe next year....That was his way of telling me he could not afford it. Next year we will do it -- "I promise," Roy said.

After his passing I had stumbled upon some plans that Roy had made and a cost list. He normally would not have gone through the trouble unless he liked the idea. These plans kept popping up at weird times in my life. So I talked to my wife Laura about it. We sat down and she drew up some plans. (Laura never saw the plans Roy had made at this time.) We were going to make it simple. After 3 months of killing the grass, it kept popping back up. I had roto-tilled the yard 4 times to kill the grass.

The whole time I was working on the yard people would honk as they drove by. I would wave and smile. That is a great feeling. Rubin my neighbor offered a lot of time-saving tips, time-saving tools too....Thanks Rubin! It took 1 year and 3 months to kill the grass dead.

My wife and I sat back down and looked at the plans she had made again. She added a block retaining wall around the yard in the plans. More work -- "Ok dear," I said. It was June when I started to price the block.

One day a nice man stopped his car when I was working in the rain and yelled "Hey, got a minute?" I came over to to his car. He was late for a party and was looking for a street called Friendship Lane. I told him it was too hard to tell him so I would show him where it was. I have lived in San Marcos all of my life, so you cannot lose me here.

The man asked me if I would like to come in to the party. I was really dirty and wet from working in the yard so I refused. He thanked me for the directions.

The following day I went to Dixieline Lumber to pick out some block. I met the same man that I gave directions to in the store. He worked there. He asked me what I needed. So I told him retaining wall block. He gave me one hell of a deal! I also got it delivered for free...less work was nice. The block was delivered the next weekend. My wife noticed the name of the salesman was Edward McKenzie. "That was my Dad's middle name," she said, "but a different spelling of the last name." ....kinda weird.

We finally laid the block and things went really smooth. I put in a new sprinkler system. The water meter checker gave me a new cement box for the meter. We laid the sod and did the final planting of flowers one month later on November 8, the anniversary of the day Roy had passed away.

On the same day I went into my top drawer of my night stand and showed my wife the original plans Roy had made for the yard. She was shocked. The plans she had made were almost the same as his. I told her that although your Dad is gone, there will ALWAYS be a part of her Dad in her. So when you honk and see me outside with a smile on my face you will know the reason why......Roy kept his promise.
We love you Roy,
Otto J. Nellesen, Sr.

Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Subj: Lancer Park Newsletter and Park Condition
Date: Sunday, 24 Feb 2002, 11:20:29 PM, Eastern Standard Time
From: Jadette on Karen Court

We received a post card flyer on our doorstep today inviting us to subscribe to the Newsletter. Please sign me up to receive it.

To subscribe to free Newsletter, send your email address to Bonnie at

Also, a couple weeks ago my children (ages 3 & 5) and I went to the park to the children's playground. As usual my kids ran ahead but I was dismayed when I got to the playground a minute later to find 8 or 9 pieces of wood with rusty nails sticking out of the boards and up in the air. I moved the boards out of the playground and stuck the nail side into the ground.

I don't know who maintains the park but they are not doing a good job. Please tell whoever is responsible for maintenance to be more attentive.

Also, has anyone ever mentioned that the playground equipment should be replaced? Who do we talk to about this? The equipment is extremely outdated and unsafe. Thanks for your help.

Thank you for subscribing to the Newsletter! And thank you for so conscientiously acting to make our park safe. I'm always careful to pick up any broken glass I see. As for the planks, from time to time our kids decide to build a tree house in the park, and begin dragging in materials. It's unsafe, so all such materials are pulled out of the trees and hauled away. Sometimes before they can be hauled, kids drag the planks around the park as part of their "creative play" activities. Each of us should watch for anything unsafe, and act immediately to correct the situation. Thanks again for doing the right thing.

The current playground equipment is very durable, which it must be when it is left unattended as much as it is. However, feel free to locate information about better equipment and recommend it to Mike Maloney, our HOA president [See Officers page]. Donations of park equipment are welcome, but they must be extremely durable and approved by the HOA Board.

My two cents

Thank you all for your feedback!

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